The late, great Keith Armstrong

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Keith Armstrong (1950~2017) was a multitalented artist, musician, scholar and indefatigable activist for the rights of people with disabilities. He suffered all his life with polio, and was largely confined to a wheelchair. I knew him from childhood through my father, the poet David Gill, who helped him edit the Informer, an international poetry magazine that Keith launched while still in his teens. He tragically died of cancer in May 2017, and my father died two weeks later. I and my cousin Liz Taylor had the task of cleaning out Keith’s incredibly untidy flat in Euston. In amongst the junk were hundreds of original artworks, including many examples of his amazing typewriter art and concrete poetry. Nearly five years later, we have finally succeeded in putting together a book of Keith’s typewriter art. Entitled ruhuman (are you human), it will be published on April 7 — Keith’s birthday. This page is dedicated to promoting the book and introducing more people to Keith’s incredible talent.

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